Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?

Let us introduce you

Let us introduce you

Let Us Introduce You…


Here at eve workwear, we recently held our Summer photo shoot and had a blast! We got some amazing shots (some of which you have seen, with most yet to come), but more importantly, we got to meet some incredible women in trades!


We put the call out a few weeks prior for any eve sister to come and be a part of our shoot, and we were not disappointed! We had five incredible ladies from diverse backgrounds, armed with no modelling experience, just a passion for what they do and for supporting other women. They were a truly interesting and inspiring bunch, and we’d love to introduce you to them! Without further ado, meet Queenie, Dannah, Eva, Sheneè, and Sacha…




Queenie is a civil engineer that currently works in the mining sector but has dipped her toe into a whole range of areas. She has been in the industry for six years and is loving the variety and challenges that her position allows her. Queenie is a big advocate for saying yes to new opportunities and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, which is part of the reason she chose to be a part of this shoot! In the coming year, she hopes to travel more and dive headfirst into new experiences. Queenie’s favourite eve workwear piece? The 2678 pants!




Dannah has been a carpenter for the past six years and is loving it! She got into this industry when, during some house renovations, she decided to pitch in and knew that this was what she wanted to do. Dannah was a mature aged apprentice and encourages everyone who wants to give trades a go, not to be discouraged if they are starting later in life – it was the best decision she could have made! Now that she has a bit of experience under her belt, she would love to mentor new carpentry apprentices. As far as her favourite eve pieces go, Dannah can’t go past the Sharp Mid Shorts and the Astute Workshirt.




Eva is a self-employed landscaper and has been for the past three years. She loves the fact that there is so much variety in her job and she spends her days outside. Being her own boss means she has to stay organised and on top of all of the aspects of her work, but it also allows for the freedom that Eva loves. She is passionate about her work and is constantly working towards bigger and better things, especially when that involves supporting other women in trades! Her favourite eve workwear item is the Hero Shorts, as well as the 2678 pants.




Sheneè is a parts interpreter for the mining and construction industry and has been in the trade for the past four years, starting as a mechanic after high school. She is an expert on machinery and engine parts and loves where her role has taken her. Sheneè loves that she is constantly learning new things and being challenged on a daily basis. What does she hope 2020 will bring for her? She is actually working to get her side business of buying and selling cars up and running! When she was asked what her favourite eve workwear piece was, there was no hesitation, the Brave Pants, of course!




Sacha is a signwriter and has been in the industry for the past seventeen years, enjoying every minute of it! There is always something different going on each day for her which is the best part about her job. She is ambitious and has big goals for the year ahead, specifically, to become the first women HEXIS Gold certified in Australia. So, what made her get involved in our shoot? Simply, the opportunity to meet other women in trades, make friends and network! Sacha’s favourite eve workwear item is the Intuition Pants for their great fit, but the Bomber Jacket is also gunning for top place!


We could not have asked for more excitement and enthusiasm, and we would just like to thank them once again for being a part of our shoot. Stay tuned for details on how to be part of the next shoot – make sure you are signed up to our newsletter to be the first to know!


L-R: Queenie, Sheneè, Sacha, Eva, Dannah