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Are you at the right place ?

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Laura and Juanita got tired of not being able to buy workwear that looked good and fitted well, so they starting designing and wearing their own women’s workwear clothing label, eve workwear.


eve workwear has been developed for all women who want to look and feel confident when working in their trade, profession, DIY or leisure activities. The collection of workwear has been developed by women working in an industry that demands quality, practical and durable clothing to withstand the harshest conditions.


All eve workwear has been independently tested and rated UPF50+ excellent protection. Encompassing a wide range of colours and styles the workwear is handcrafted and only uses the highest of quality of materials and workmanship. Using 100% cotton breathable fabric for the workwear ensures long lasting, durable clothing developed specific for the industries and a woman’s needs.


The Standard Range of women’s workear includes more traditional styled and fitted clothing including medium weight work pants and work shorts, heavy duty pants and shorts, long and short sleeved workshirts and warm outerwear.


Collection No. 26, is a style influenced by contemporary street clothing and vintage industrial clothing of the past. Including pants made from stretch fabric and denim, dungarees (overalls) and seasonal flannel workshirts.


The workwear has been designed and tested by women, taking into account their needs and experiences.