Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?

Laura and Juanita are 'Makers'. Not only have they made houses (new and renovations) and made workwear for women they are also change makers! Working in industries where women are the minority has given them the drive and passion to break down barriers for women for future generations. Its not just about having comfortable clothing that fits, its about what that represents - how can women feel like they belong in industries if they don't have the choices of suitable clothing that their male counterparts have? 


eve workwear has been developed for all women, everyday any location, who want to look and feel confident when working in their trade, profession, DIY or leisure activities. The collections of workwear have been developed by women working in an industry that demands quality, practical and durable clothing to withstand the harshest conditions.


All eve workwear has been independently tested and rated UPF50+ excellent protection. Encompassing a wide range of colours and styles the workwear is handcrafted and only uses the highest of quality of materials, accessories and workmanship. 


The ranges of women’s workear includes more traditional styled and fitted clothing including medium weight work pants and work shorts, heavy duty pants and shorts, long and short sleeved workshirts and warm outerwear to styles influenced by contemporary street clothing and vintage industrial clothing of the past. Including pants made from stretch fabric and denim, dungarees (overalls) and seasonal flannel workshirts.


You may think that what you are achieving as a woman is insignificant, but it isn't every small change that you make will affect the opportunities for future generations of women working in male dominated industries.