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Summer Essentials

Summer is well and truly upon us and as much as we would love to be lying on a beach somewhere, the work of a woman in trades is never done! To make the heat just that little bit more bearable, we’ve put together some of our top picks for summer women’s trades wear. Introducing, our Top Five Summer Essentials!

Firstly, you can’t have summer without shorts, and the Hero Shorts are our pick (let’s be honest though, we love them all). They are made from a tough but breathable Ripstop cotton, so they will stay in great shape, and so will you. Featuring a detachable pouch and other deep pockets, they are also incredibly handy. You’ve been asking for pockets galore and we’ve been listening! All of the seams are triple stitched so they will stand up to every environment you put it in. We don’t think we’d survive the heat without the Hero Shorts.

Next up, the Astute Short Sleeved Workshirt. It is made from a heavy-duty cotton but don’t worry, it is still light enough to keep you cool out in the sun. It is UV repellent with a rating of UF50+ and is a longer make to reduce the risk of exposed skin, giving the shirt excellent sun protection properties. It is specifically designed for easy movement, with more shoulder room and pleats in the back (which also make it flattering!). The last thing you want when you’re out in the summer months is to feel constricted, so we designed the Astute Short Sleeved Workshirt to give you easy movement, protect you from harmful UV rays, and stay in excellent condition, no matter what you throw at it.

Coming in at number three, one of our newest additions (and quickly becoming a favourite), the Hero Skirt. When all you want is easy movement and light fabric in summer, this is your pick. Despite being incredibly light, it is still tough, and all of the stress points are bartacked for added durability. It has all of the aspects you’ll need: a belt-looped waistband, five-pocked design, and a mid-length, mid-rise design. As the mercury rises, the Hero Skirt will be one of the first things we grab! Plus, you might just spot us wearing it on our days off, it’s that good.

Okay, we know we said we loved the Hero Shorts, but we couldn’t choose just one pair! The Sharp Mid Shorts are perfect for those super-hot days when you don’t need to carry as much on you. They are a shorter length than the Hero Shorts, giving you added movement and making them just as much tradeswoman attire, as they are casual wear for the weekend. They have an adjustable waist, made from a canvas cotton so they breathe well, and are incredibly sturdy. They have deep pockets for everything you need, plus a zip-up pocket to keep your phone in (very important!). The Sharp Mid Shorts are the perfect all-rounders to beat the heat.

And last but definitely not least, everyone needs a hat in the summer. Especially for those of us in Australia, the sun can be brutal in the warmer months, and that’s where the Classic ‘Eve’ Cap comes in. They are a cool trucker style that we love. Keep it in the car or in your bag, just anywhere handy. They are light and easy to take with you, plus it’ll do the job of keeping the sun off your face. No sunburned noses in sight!

As the temperature rises, don’t hide away indoors! It is possible to be out on the worksite and stay cool, we promise. Between shorts, skirts, shirts, and caps, there is an option for everyone. Shop them online today! P.S. don’t forget the other summer essentials, sunscreen and water. You can thank us later!

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