Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?

The Proudest Woman in Trades 2022 Winners

The Proudest Woman in Trades 2022 Winners

Proudest Woman in Trades Competition 2022

Once again, we were on the search for the Proudest Woman in Trades. This year, we teamed up with Buckaroo Belts to take the competition worldwide and you did not disappoint! It was our biggest year to date and we loved reading about how you got your start and why women on the worksite are so important to you. 

This year, we also divided this year’s competition up into two categories: Apprentices and Master/Experienced Women in Trades. There was one winner in each category. Without further ado…


Apprentice Winner: Reni



Reni is a painting apprentice from stunning Queenstown, NZ. She was inspired to get into trades by her partner who started a painting business, and she loved it! She’s been in the industry for a year and is loving the freedom it grants her. 

“I used to work weekends and late shifts. It wasn’t working with my lifestyle. I love that I now get to go on adventures every weekend or after work. It suits the way I want to live so much better.” And when you live in such a gorgeous part of the world, how could you not spend every minute you’re not working hiking, paddle boarding and bike riding? 

Reni’s goal for 2022 is to pass her first block course and we wish her the best of luck!

"It's great to see more women in construction, it means the world is changing and is becoming more equal.

To any woman thinking about working in a trade, stop thinking about it and give it a go! The industry is changing and it’s because of us!"

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Experienced Winner: Tash



Tash is an electrical fitter mechanic and substation technician from Queensland, Australia.

She was actually inspired by her local Energex crew as she watched them assist her community after a big storm and wanted to be able to help some day! 

Tash loves inspiring other women in trades in her role as a mentor and Peer Support Officer, as well as in her day job, of course - phew, Tash is a busy woman! She's super passionate about giving women in trades opportunities they may not have had in the past, and loves to show young girls that they can do anything.

“My goals this year, now that I am a tradesperson, is to mentor the apprentices coming through and make sure I train them in a safe and fun way. I also want to make sure I am available and approachable to all colleagues as a Peer Support Officer at work following the devastating years that we have just gone through and are still going through.”

And what does she love about her job? 

“I love being able to show women that they can be tradespersons too, and show them how much fun it is!”

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Thanks so much to all of the amazing women in trades that entered in this year’s competition. It was such a joy reading all of your stories and it filled us with such joy to see how many of you are advocating for women on the worksite. 

Congratulations to our winners and don’t worry, we’ll be back bigger and better next year…