Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?

Trade Mutt x eve workwear

Mental health among tradies. It is something that is not discussed widely enough. Poor mental health and suicide rates among tradies, especially men, have been climbing in recent years and the numbers are staggering. Men already have the highest suicide rates in Australia, but men in construction are more than twice as likely to end their own lives than their counterparts in other industries.


The stigma surrounding males and being open with their feelings is still very much prevalent. The mindset that they need to keep their emotions to themselves is rife, and it is causing the death of our fathers, brothers, and friends.


The incredible team at Trade Mutt decided that enough was enough, and something had to be done. They started the This Is a Conversation Starter Foundation (or TIACS) to help put a stop to these terrifying statistics. They are planning to provide access for tradies to professional therapists by removing physical and financial barriers they may be faced with, as well as providing education relating to mental health.


If that wasn’t fantastic enough, Trade Mutt has released work shirts that are bright and a lot of fun for both men and women to help start the conversation. We can’t get enough of them! You can shop them here.


Here at eve workwear, we admire everything that is happening over at Trade Mutt, and we love to help out in any way we can. At our Shoppe launch we donated 10% of every purchase to the TIACS Foundation, and you can bet we will be supporting them again in the future.


So, go check out the TIACS Foundation and the Trade Mutt team, donate what you can, but most importantly, check in with your friends, your family, and everyone else on the worksite, whether they are male or female. Everyone deserves to know that they are loved, supported, and not alone.